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 A Place to Document Life's Most Important Experiences & Memories
Historical Database
Documenting the history of past and present events meant for current and future generations to reference at anytime.
Memory Vault 
A decentralized system where our users can document and preserve their most important memories and stories to pass on for generations to come.
Media Platform
A platform to post media in the form of videos, photos, text and audio of meaningful events and firsthand
Collaborative Community 
The tobu community brings exciting collaborative interactions between our users along their journey of recording ongoing events and their own life experiences.
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“I have experienced a series of trials in my life that have taught me the value of documenting our life’s most meaningful memories. We cannot go back in time to hear our ancestors. We lose that value for future generations. This has inspired me to create a means for everyone to document and pass along their most important memories for generations to come.”

- CEO Pat McLaughlin

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